Meet Herb, Tara, Iggy Lary, Kyle & Kate our new electric vehicle charging points at HERE.

At HERE we’re continually reviewing how to improve the working environment whilst seeking to reduce our impact on the planet.  Demand for electric vehicles and charging points has significantly increased and now if tenants wish to charge their vehicles at work, we’ve got it covered. With 4 X7 KW and 2X22 KW charging points, tenants can choose whether to opt for a standard charge or a quicker boost if required.

These new charging points provide yet another useful onsite facility whilst also supporting our continued environmental objectives.  PV panels already provide electricity to the common parts with any additional electricity required, sourced from 100% Green/Renewable sources.

Alongside high recycling rates and ample green spaces both inside and out, new energy efficient LED lighting has been fitted throughout the common parts and refurbished offices, with thermally efficient windows also installed across the majority of the site.

At HERE we believe in rejuvenating existing commercial spaces to create environments and facilities that support the businesses and people that work there.   We are passionate about reducing the impact they have on the planet whilst removing the need and environmental impact of building new workspaces when they can be created from previously unloved buildings.

For more information regarding HERE or current availability of office space please visit HERE

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