Cheers and Laughter: HERE Office Centre Wraps Up Another Epic Christmas Bash for Tenants!

The halls of HERE Office Centre echoed with festive cheer as the annual Tenants’ Christmas Party went down in style on 15th December 2023 . Held at our hub of productivity and fun at HERE, 470 Bath Road, Bristol.

Party Highlights:

  • Foodie Wonderland: Our in house Deli wizards provided all tenant with a their own festive lunch.
  • Sippin’ and Toastin’: Glasses clinked, and spirits soared with a selection of festive drinks. The vibe was laid-back yet celebratory, with tenants toasting to a year well done and to a prosperous year ahead.
  • Christmas Jumper Showdown: The Christmas Jumper Competition brought out the fashionistas in our midst. From bedazzled snowmen to twinkling lights, tenants brought their A-game, making the judges’ job tough. Prizes were awarded for the most fabulously tacky and brilliantly quirky jumpers.
  • Live Tunes and Vibes: Our party wasn’t just a feast for the stomach; it was a feast for the ears. Christmas music throughout the common areas added the perfect soundtrack to the night, keeping the good times rolling.

With Thanks:  We want to give thanks to the centre managers Grace and Phil for arranging the tenants party and all their hard work in looking after all the businesses and people at HERE.  We would also like to thank all our tenants for being part of HERE and we wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year from all of us.

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