At HERE, we’ve been continually looking and new measures to ensure that our tenants feel as safe as possible at our building and have the best possible working environment.  We recently added a long list of measures including  one way systems, hand operated hand gel dispensers, contactless phone entry systems, contactless wave exit buttons, re-arrangement of the common parts to assist with social distancing along with screen guards to help with necessary face to face meetings.  There have also been increased cleaning regimes of all the common areas and touch points, signage throughout to encourage safe practices as well as a powered exit door with a hand sanitising station on the exit allowing people to leave the building having  sanitised their hands and not touch the exit door.  Further to this, new facilities have been added including a new shower block, indoor secure cycle parking, a second entrance to the building and a number of green walls to improve the environment for occupiers.

Our latest addition is the installation of professional, medical air purifiers in the common parts and meeting rooms.    These air purifiers provide a further measure to help maintain the quality and cleanliness of the air in these shared areas and have been provided by the landlord for the tenants in the building.  Further details of these air purifiers can be seen on the attached flyer explaining how these will benefit occupiers and provide further safety for them.

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