Andrew Burns Colwill

His works offer a skilled and sometimes shocking reflection of us and our modern society. Executed in a classical motif with a refined palate and delicate brush strokes these works cast a mirror on our own lives.

If ever an artist had a story to tell Andrew Burns Colwill’s life would fill 10,000 pages, now he’s finally had time to reflect on what has been a successful but troubling life as an artist.

On the surface his subject matters have been executed with a raw precision not often seen due to the technical nature of painting directly onto the artists preferred medium of untreated canvas. In the early days this technique was thrust upon him, unable to afford the materials that the majority of other painters were using.

Andrew skilfully developed his technique, utilising materials such as curtain lining that he stretched over hand made frames and household paints which have now become his preferred tools. Unbeknown to the artist his technique ‘soak stain’ showcased by artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollok & Morris Louis had it’s feet firmly embedded in the world of Abstract paintings, Andrew has unwittingly taken this generally imprecise technique and turned it on it’s head creating contrast layers of subtle composition with skilfully fine detailed work.

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