Jim Starr

Bristol artist Jim Starr kicks off our rolling programme of art shows. Jim’s work which spans painting, illustration and printmaking. He has been screen-printing for almost 20 years, and has contributed work in over 100 exhibitions, including 10 solo shows. Jim’s work has sold at auction alongside some of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Using a mixture of original screen printed material, his own photography, freehand drawings and found collage, Jim creates unique and sometimes complex hand-pulled prints, with no two turning out the same.

Recently he has exhibited in Chicago, Palm Beach and Venice and is currently exhibiting at Singapore with BVLGARI. He is currently working towards a solo show in London for December 2018.

Click here for price list of available work

  1. Home Is Where The Art Is 2 2/11 >
  2. Keep Calm And Ping Pong 2/11 >
  3. HERE Christmas Fair 2/11 >

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