Emma Caton Encapsulates HERE

Works by Bristol artist Emma Caton have joined Jim Starr’s screen printed masterpieces, adding a new creative dimension to the foyer.

Emma has installed a dozen works here, ranging from cryto-zoological specimens under glass domes to upcycled refrigerator doors and clear resin apples suspending detritus in limbo.

Born in West Sussex, Emma now lives and works in Bristol. Emma Caton is not limited by medium and creates a varied selection of work, ranging from traditional drawing to performance and media installations.  She’s a curator and a talented diverse artist who has the ability to stop you in your tracks with the impact of her work.  Pushing boundaries, developing and experimenting with new techniques, Emma manages the task of creating varied work that remains in touch with her style.

Emma’s work forms a display next the Friska coffee bar. All pieces are available to buy. Pay us a visit or check out https://emmacatonart.wixsite.com/portfolio/bio

Click here for price list of available work

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